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-Chasing Rainbows-


At the end of every rainbow,

You will find a pot of gold.

From one generation to the next,

This story has been told.

But if you look more closely,

Unless you are quite blind.

The spot at which the rainbow ends,

Is really hard to find.

So don’t go chasing rainbows,

And expect to get,

A pot filled with coins of gold,

You definitely won’t, I bet!

The Nameless Poet’s Note:

For those of you who don’t know, the idiom ‘chasing rainbows’ means trying to achieve something that is not possible or practical.

Poem #3


6 thoughts on “-Chasing Rainbows-

  1. I remember my school days when we used to watch the rainbow in the sky and vow how we delighted in seeing its colours.
    I do not wish for a pot of gold,
    Even though there are stories told,
    For hard work and labour is what I savour,
    Much to my own displeasure,
    The next time I see a rainbow,
    I will certainly let you know,
    But I will not look for the rainbow’s end,
    For it may cause my poor back to bend.

    Namelesspoet that’s what I meant, my comment.

  2. You lost me, friend. I mean, I imagine I get what youre stating. I recognize what you’re saying, but you just appear to have overlooked that you simply will find some other individuals in the world who see this issue for what it truly is and may possibly not agree with you. You may possibly be turning away many of men and women who may have been lovers of your weblog.

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