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-A Better World-

Is it Hate or is it Love?

Is it War or is it Peace?

Terrorism or Education,

Politics or Religion.

Selfishness or Kind acts,

Corruption or Charity.

Is it ‘Who the hell are you?’

Or is it ‘We are one’?

How do we stand united,

If we all are so divided?

It‘s all up to us,

So what do you choose?

Look around you,

Open your eyes,

Are you so blind that you cannot see?

People are suffering,

Innocent are dying,

They aren’t as lucky as you & me!

You are my brother & I am your sister,

So let’s help each other,

Make this world a better place.

Let’s work together,

To right the wrongs,

And make this place a better world.





Poem #4


2 thoughts on “-A Better World-

  1. I must say that I am enjoying reading all your poems. I liked the one about dad telling stories at bedtime. Keep it up.

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