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-I Will Be-

Just like the calm in the eye of the storm,

Just like a red rose amidst the thorns.

Just like an umbrella in the pouring rain,

Like a pill that numbs the pain.

Just like a rainbow in the big blue sky,

Just like a cherry on top of a pie.

Just like a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day,

Like a cloudburst in the middle of May.

Just like a lantern that lights up the dark,

Just like a songbird that sings in the park.

Just like a mission that isn’t covert,

Like an oasis found in the desert.

I will be this and much much more,

I will be more than you ever asked for.

Who am I? Or rather, what am I?

I will give you one more clue.

I will be your ‘happy place’,

I will be your conscience.

I will exceed your expectation,

Because I am nothing but your imagination!

Poem #6


4 thoughts on “-I Will Be-

  1. thou art the child of William Wordsworth, but your words and rhymes are worth much, much more dear. keep it up nameless poet.

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