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-The Poet’s Note-

Hey guys!

I’d like to get your feedback,

So I’ll realize where I lack,

Because I’m a new kid on the blogger’s block,

Who’s just getting the knack.

Posts you loved,

Posts you hated,

Posts that could have been,

better stated.

So leave your thoughts here in the comments,

I’ll improve with your criticism



Or leave me smiling like an idiot,

With your words of encouragement!

Let me know,

So I can grow


While you’re at it,

Comment some more!

– \m/ Peace Out \m/-

Poem #11


4 thoughts on “-The Poet’s Note-

  1. nameless poet, might i say, keep fault finding at bay, we all appreciate what you say, keeps us smiling all through the day – how’s that for rhyming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tips on how to make a rhyme, rhyme, makes my tongue twist all the time.

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