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-Don’t Walk Away-

It wasn’t easy,

Watching you leave me,

Your back right in my face.

You left me shattered,

And said it didn’t matter,

But I know that wasn’t the case.


You were just too proud,

To say out loud,

That it was mostly your fault.

Instead you blamed me,

I know you framed me,

That’s why we came to a halt.

You walked away,

You didn’t glance back,

You left me standing there.

I couldn’t move a bone,

I was rigid as stone,

I was living my worst nightmare.

The things you said,

The things I said,

It’s both our fault in the end.

But you walked away,

Acting like you didn’t care,

That’s something I cannot mend.

But I want you to know,

Though you walked out the door,

I want you to come back.

It cannot be goodbye,

It cannot end this way,

You don’t need to walk away…


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