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-The Hate Song-


I hate Po,

Po hates me,

Tinky Winky shot Dipsy,

50 bullets in the head,

Sorry Lala, Dipsy’s dead!

Lala cried,

Then she died!

Po commited suicide,

Tinky Winky did the same,

Tellytubbies are insane!

-By Tika & Mo Jo Jo Jo-

<with a tiny bit of help from Shara>

-The Nameless Poet’s Note-

I sincerely apologize to all the Tellytubbies’ fans.

This song is just for laughs.

When you read it, sing it to the tune of ‘I Love You’!

-For Tika-

I couldn’t stop laughing when found this ->


How old were we when we did this? I couldn’t find a date anywhere!

So much hate for the Tellytubbies, aye?!


-Mo Jo Jo Jo & Tika’s Note-

So, Shara just told Tika & me that we did NOT make this up O.o

Thanks a lot Shara. What a buzzkill! 😛

Apparently it was what some cool kids sang at a playground in New Zealand!

But, we did think we were pretty cool for making it up ‘on our own’ all those years back <2004 :says Tika>


6 thoughts on “-The Hate Song-

  1. I think the was the first time we came back to India…so 2004ish. Too good. Literary geniuses, we are ❤

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