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-A Perfect Rhyme-

How do you write a perfect rhyme?

It really doesn’t take much time!

First you’ve got to write a line,

Then you’ve got to see what rhymes

With the word that’s at the end –

Send, lend, fend or bend?

Once you’ve picked the word that rhymes,

Then you write the second line.

Make sure that they are both connected,

That’s how the lines must be selected.

When you’ve got your first two lines,

Then you continue with your rhyme.

Do them like the first two lines

& follow the steps a few more times.

I usually end with the beginning lines,

That’s how I like to complete my rhymes.

Write it slowly, line by line

& you will end up with a perfect rhyme!


6 thoughts on “-A Perfect Rhyme-

  1. superb. that is exactly how i start my rhymes. i have to scratch my head though till it comes out right. beautiful one, i enjoyed reading it.

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