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-See You Next Month-


-A Perfect Rhyme- is my last rhyme for this month.

Being a student, from the 21st on wards begins something that all of us dread the most – Exams!

I apologize but there won’t be any new rhymes, poems or random reads out for a month from now.

After the exams The Nameless Poet will be going on a much-awaited, well-deserved break!

This blog won’t be completely dead though.

Random quotes, links & images will be up from time to time.

To all my engineering friends

Good Luck!


To all the others,all over the world


Next Rhyme Update -> 17th June 2013

Until then

Take care you guys!

– \m/ Peace Out \m/ –


6 thoughts on “-See You Next Month-

  1. Thank you nameless poet for your update. will be missing your quotes and rhymes. but exams are very important, dreadful as they may be. All the best and have a gooooood breeeaaak. hahahaha!!!!!!!!

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