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-Janice Marie D’Cunha’s Poem #1-

Nameless poet, might I say,

Keep my fault finding at bay,

We all appreciate what you say,

Keeps us smiling all through the day!

‘Are there monsters under my bed?’

Left me feeling a little scared,

But as I read what naughty dad did,

He kissed little Lucy till mummy went red!

‘The Dance’ sent a quiver down my spine,

But now I’m feeling very fine,

Because daddy’s little girl has brought him a charm,

With a darling baby who means no harm.

‘The Bucket List’, as you already know,

I have seen all the places in my dreams galore.

From Venice to Disney,

I was greeted by Mickey!

I do not wish for a pot of gold,

Even though there are stories told,

For hard work and labour is what I savour,

Much to my own displeasure!

The next time I see a rainbow,

I will certainly let you know.

But I will not look for the rainbow’s end,

For it may cause my poor back to bend.

 Hullo Mr.Seal, how do you feel,

It feels so real when you read Mr.Seal.

Thanks for the tips on how to make a rhyme,

Now I’ve started rhyming all the time.

Give us another, better than the other,

Nameless Poet – you are greater than your father!

<Don’t tell him that I said that!>

-The Nameless Poet’s Note For Mrs. D’Cunha-

Now, how about a name for this lovely poem?

Keep rhyming!

Don’t ever stop 🙂


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