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-Full Metal Alchemist-

-Full Metal Alchemist-

– Edward Elric – The Full Metal Alchemist –

“A lesson without pain is meaningless.
That’s because no one can gain without sacrificing something.
But by enduring that pain & overcoming it, one shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart.
A fullmetal heart!”

-Hiromu Arakawa-

Image Credit – The Nameless Poet –


6 thoughts on “-Full Metal Alchemist-

  1. The picture was cute 🙂
    You should have mentioned the Alchemy’s first law of equivalent exchange–“To obtain,something of equal value must be lost.”
    It’s brilliant that you’ve included Cardcaptor Sakura as well as Fulmetal alchemist in your posts. 🙂 How about a post on Inuyasha next? 😀

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