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-Kritika’s Article-

-Loving To Hate-

She may be your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, or your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. She may be your boss, or an over smart colleague. She may be just someone who outsmarts everyone. Or someone who’s face or voice you don’t seem to like too much. But in each of our life ‘she’ exists. SHE who makes you wish bad things would happen to her.


Ever wondered how she makes us think about her So much? Whether you want to or not you still land up talking about her! It’s this really weird sort of obsession. You want to keep hearing about her and pretend to be all ignorant.

Sometimes, she’s wiped out and then just a mention of her & She’s BACK!  Women, more than men tend to form hate crushes. Why? Physiologically, Women have a deeper limbic system which makes them feel things more intensely. Okay, so we tend to hate more people! *embarrassed blush* A hate crush is always on your mind.

• You can’t help but read her facebook posts.• You pray for her downfall.• You plot to outshine her.

• You tend to compare her with yourself and laugh at how you are way better.

• You laugh at her weaknesses.

• You laugh at her anyway!

• Write her a sorry/clarification letter or e-mail and never send it.• Go the other way in your imagination and change all the planning in your head.• Make your views diplomatic in the social circle. – IMPORTANT.

• Stop stalking her on networking sites.

• Don’t run into her too much. Out of sight is out of mind.

Yes, we all know that loving those we hate hurts us, that forgiving them upsets us, that accepting them offends us. But think about it. Is it worth all that? Is it better to love them in spite of the oh-so-Mahaan feeling of forgiveness than to hate them which drains all the good feelings in our hearts and replaces it with sadness, grudge and anger?

It sure is hard to get over, but it is possible. Just give up on all that evil grinning and it’ll be gone before you know it.

Kritika Chanchlani

10th May, 2011.


8 thoughts on “-Kritika’s Article-

  1. Beautiful message Kritika which is so very true. It’s how we channel our energy and the best way, is to let go and let live.

  2. “Hate crush”
    So we finally have a word for it 😀
    Its good to know its a general thing. I was beginning to believe I was evil and everything. So thank you for making me feel like a part if something bigger 😉

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