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-The Nameless Poet’s Note-

The characters from the following fanfiction are from Ultra Maniac –

Ayu & Kaji



Her hand twitches.

She looks at her watch again.

12.23 pm

It’s been exactly five and a half hours since he was last seen on whatsapp. She checks her phone again.


She stares at the screen.

Still nothing.

She feels so many different feelings that it is so crazy that she still looks calm. Beneath the composure lies an ocean of emotions – worry, anxiety, confusion, self anger, a complete mixture.

12.42 pm

The phone rings.

It is him.

All those emotions, all that waiting, it will all end once she picks up the phone.

It will all be okay now, she tells herself.

She answers.

They speak.


12.46 pm


She closes her eyes and realizes that the jumble of emotions wasn’t as complicated as she had imagined.

It was just – dread.

That feeling one gets in the pit of the stomach that something is wrong.

She opens her eyes and blinks. She has no clue what to do or say.

She closes her eyes again and thinks.

She feels his sadness. She feels his worry. She cannot understand why but she cannot block it away.

She is in now, perhaps in too deep.

There is a fine line between the two of them and she is balancing herself on it – like an untrained acrobat walking a tightrope.

Which way she will fall, she has got no clue. But whichever way she does, she hopes that she will not get hurt.

She puts her hands on her head.

She is losing it. She is going completely off topic – like a derailed train.

12.56 pm

The phone vibrates.

She opens her eyes at once.

It is him again.

She reads the message and smiles a small smile.

She realizes that she worries too much.

He is strong.

And he will always be strong – because he has her.


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