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-From Your Daughter-


When I stop to think

About all the things

I have to be grateful for,

You always come to my mind…

Because you’ve given me

So much through the years,

So many reasons to say “Thanks”.

When I was small,

Your hand was always there

For me to hold on to,

& you made me feel

That I could do anything…

Then, when I grew up a little more,

You were there,

Answering questions,

Guiding & Supporting me

Whenever I needed your help…

& during that time

When I thought

I was really grown-up,

You loved me enough

To let me be myself,

Giving me independence

When it was so important to me…

You’ve always been there

At every step of the way,

& that’s why I want to say…

Thanks for being there!

Thanks for being

Such a Wonderful Father!


You are the best B)

– Taken from a Hallmark Card –



4 thoughts on “-From Your Daughter-

  1. I love the poem and the pictures of you guys are so adorable and it brought back memories of you when you were a little darling gal. You have grown up to be a beautiful, caring, loving, kind and an awesome niece and I’m sure your Dad is so proud of you. Keep doing what you do and have fun with it.

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