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-RIP Cory-

-RIP Cory-

R.I.P to Cory Monteith – famous for his role in Glee.


8 thoughts on “-RIP Cory-

    • I do care bhai! It’s just that not everyone does & that’s horrible.

      It’s not only soldiers, innocent people are dying just because countries have issues with each other.
      Have you read about the stuff in the middle east? in egypt? in syria?

      Tell me why no one cares about that?

      I’ll tell you why –

      It’s because thousands of people die there anyway so when you open the papers and read that an act of terror has killed so many people or due to protests another hundred people have died, you just think to yourself ‘Again? 😦 ”

      And then you turn the page…

      It may sound harsh, but that’s the truth.

      As for Cory, he was a good guy. Fame got to head & this is the result.

      Just a message to the people out there, don’t let the fame thing get to your head.

      Be humble & that will take you places πŸ™‚

  1. nope thats not the reason, the reason is the thought ki they are meant to die, their job is to die. And about innocent people, sorry about em, thanks to terrorism !! this “fame” thing actuallly got him this pic wid RIP else he wud hv been in the lists of the countless unknown dead! btw, cory was a good man?! maybe, idk n neider do i care.. he died, *they* sacrificed!!!

    • I get what you are trying to say & i really don’t mean to sound insensitive but when you sign up to be a soldier, one is obviously aware of what one is getting into.
      No one is brainwashed into serving the nation, as far as I know.
      And yeah, obviously, the “fame” thing is why he is getting more famous posthumously but hey, he’s dead now, give it a rest na! Poor guy πŸ˜›

  2. ok so you agree , soldiers die coz this is their job. well this is *the* line of thought πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ neways not a topic with any conclusion and moreover i am no patriot, so no reason to take a stand and neither will it change nethn.. dead are dead, just that soldiers deserve more recog than these fellows!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No it’s not their job to die men, but they know what lies in their future & it’s a very dangerous job to begin with.
      And yeah, you should take a stand on such issues otherwise how will it change anything? πŸ™‚
      Let’s start right here, right now. Name a few soldiers who you think deserve respect & admiration…

  3. there are lot many to type, and every soldier deserves respect and admiration, except those who flee battlefield or betray their own country .. from recent uttarakhand rescue op martyr d.christello to 1947 pvc winner major somnath sharma. … some of them ( some of the real scenarioes these men were in, may look filmy πŸ˜› ) to start with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Param_Vir_Chakra..

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