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-Happy Birthday Joanne-


Through your characters, you taught us so many lessons.

You taught us that –

The dangerous can be very tame < Remus Lupin >

The most evil person can turn out to be an angel < Severus Snape >

The wiser you are, the more crazy you need to be < Professor Dumbledore >

The strict & stern always have that secret soft spot for you < Professor Mcgonagall >

Twins can never be separated, unless one is killed < George Weasley & the late Fred Weasley >

Sometimes, you need to go against the system & stand for what you believe in, even though the ones opposing you are family < Sirius Black >

No mother can love their kids more than this one < Molly Weasley >

If you treat others with love & respect, even if they are goblins, elves or wrackspurts , they will be ready to give their life for you < Dobby – The Free Elf >

Even if you are the world’s biggest prat, you always find your way back home < Percy Weasley >

Evil exists in this world but good always triumphs over evil < Tom Marvolo Riddle also know as Lord Voldemort >

If you feel you are too big to be loved, don’t worry you will find someone twice your size < Hagrid- half giant Gameskeeper of Hogwarts >

Even great enemies become something-close-to-friends < Draco Malfoy >

Your best friend’s sister can become your wife < Ginny Weasley >

Beauty & brains exist < Hermione Granger >

Loyalty exists too especially if your friend is a red-head < Ron Weasley >


You don’t have to be clever, rich or good-looking.

Just be true to yourself, honest and loyal & good things will come to you in life.

You will have to go around, over or even through all the obstacles that come your way but never give up


never say never.


Happy Birthday Harry Potter.

Happy Birthday Joanne Katherine Rowling.


2 thoughts on “-Happy Birthday Joanne-

  1. If you feel you are too big to be loved…don’t worry you’ll find someone twice your size!! (Hagrid- half giant Gameskeeper of Hogwarts) 🙂

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