‘Coz sometimes the people you can’t live without can live without you.




You wanna sound off but you can’t find the words to
Nothin’ makes sense in the way that it used to
Can’t find the plus in the positive thinking
The well’s run dry and you’re not done drinking

Clouds start comin’ and the sky will fall
Clock stares back from the bedroom wall
Now you’re breathin’ just to make it through the night

All you need is a sunrise
Just a moment of dawn
If you’re lost in the twilight
Close your eyes and move on
When you’re tired in the waiting
Even though it’s gonna take you
A little more time
Just a little more time the sun’s gonna find you

Holding your days like a stack of paper
Then you’re chasing the wind as the pages scatter
You can save a few but you can’t get ’em all back
So get out fast with your heart in tact

Find yourself on the very edge
Lying awake in an empty bed
Now you’re breathin’ just to make it through the night

-Brandon Heath-

-The Calm & The Storm-

Everyone has got their own set of tides to sail through.

Stormy seas we all have to pass.




For the calm to come.

But then as they say,
There’s always calm waters before a storm


When the storm hits,

Some perceive it as a big scary tsunami,

Those are just sad pessimists.

But the optimists –

Oh, they just take it as great sea surfing experience!

-Vipul Chaskar & Joanne D’Cunha-

storm a coming