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-Anirudh’s Murder Mystery-

-The Hire-

He looked at the subject one last time. For 10 long days he had observed his target, checked for any anomaly and planned out the escape route. Infinite patience was the first thing his master had taught him.


“Mister we’ve been here for 3 days, when do I get to see some action ?”

“Patience son, patience. How are we doing on the escape route ?”

“Everything planned out, we take out the subject then we take out his car. The nearest neighbour is 10 miles away. By the time the wife reaches another living soul we’ll be halfway to China.”

He simply smiled and looked back into his binoculars.


He went through his plan one last time. This was going to be his last hit. The retirement shot. He wanted it to be perfect.


“Let’s go over it one last time.”

“Tony we’ve talked about this a million times! Let’s fucking do it man”

He expected a response but there was none. The man’s head never left his binoculars.


When he had first seen Tony’s picture on the fax a cocktail of emotions flashed through his head. But the reluctant lasted for not more than 60 seconds. He took the job.


“A minister ?! Man Tony you sure about this one ?”

“For hires like us, he’s just another body.”

“just another body?!”

“And a more difficult escape route”, said Tony smiling.


He adjusted the cross hair. He had to do it just after Tony would start the tractor to muffle the shot. The tractor engine roared. He focused on his master’s head.


“This is going to be my last hit son”

“Jesus Tony you serious about the retirement thing !”

“I’ll probably buy a farmland and a tractor. I love tractors.”

“Jesus man. You’re a crazy piece of shit, you know that ?!”

“I’ll miss you son”


The headlines read “Local farmer gunned down. Police say no suspects”. He closed his eyes. Tony had taught him well.


-Anirudh Sudarshan-


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