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-The Reason Why-

We all have our reasons

As to why we do something we like.

We all owe it to someone

The reason why we do what we like.

I love to read – morning, evening, afternoon,

Day or night.

My first favourite author was none other than –

The great Enid Mary Blyton.

Famous Five or Secret Seven,

Five Find Outers or Adventurous Four,

St. Clare’s or Malory Towers,

Or all the 10 books of The Naughtiest Girl.

Galliano’s Circus or our good friend Noddy,

Faraway Tree or Wishing Chair,

Red Story, Blue Story, Green Story Book,

Or even about naughty Amelia Jane.

My childhood was one of the most amazing ones ever.

I’ve caught an uncountable number of bad guys,

Solved unsolvable cases & lived dangerously,

Gone to boarding school & had epic midnight feasts,

Or  laughed at how naughty Elizabeth Allen could get.

Today is Enid Blyton’s birth anniversary.

This tribute is in honour of her.

The lady who gave wings to my imagination,

Taught me to dream big & gave a lonely only child a million friends.

Where ever you are, I hope you are happy,

Thank you for writing & inspiring me.

Enid Blyton


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