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-Real or Fake?-

Rule #1

Real friends are not those who are with you in your moments of joy

but are the ones who want to be with you in your moments of grief

Rule #2

Real friends are the ones who are willing to fall with you

rather than watch you fall

Rule #3

Real friends are the ones who are ready to slap, hit or punch you

when you really need it

Rule #4

Real friends are ready to apologize

even if it was never their fault to begin with

Rule #5

Real friends know when you need a ‘perk-me-up’

be it a coffee or a silly sad movie

And the best part about the ‘perk-me-up’

is that it perks not only you

but everyone up too

Rule #6

Real friends will never block you from whatsapp

even if they do, it’s only valid for reasons such as

‘you were spamming my inbox with your silly blog updates!’

Rule #7

Real friends don’t need a reason to call or text you

They just do

Rule #8

Real friends are ‘slow to anger’

even if you spoil their favourite book or television show ending

Rule #9

Real friends are crazy

just like you

Rule #10

Real friends will never really fight with you

Silly arguments, petty differences & mock fights

are part & parcel of friendship

Whatever it is

Wherever you go

Even if you’re a building apart

Or continents apart

Real friends will never stop being ‘Real friends’

So are all your friends ‘real’?


Most importantly

Are you a ‘real’ friend?

Value your friends

Trust your friends


Make sure you are valued


trusted in return!


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