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– Stained Crimson –

– II –

She held the gun to her head

And pulled the trigger, shot herself dead

Blood splattered all over the bed

And the sheets were stained a crimson red

I stood there, at the bedroom door

Looking at all the blood and gore

The shocking fact that she was no more

Shook me down to my very core.

But there was nothing that I could do

She was gone and I was through

She was my life and this she put me through

Now she’s gone and there’s nothing I can do

I sit there in the crimson pool

I hold her and kiss her like a fool

Hoping to revive my shining jewel

But life is just too damn cruel

Her lifeless form is as cold as a stone

I press my ear to her heart and groan

She left me for good, now I’m all alone

Why did she bear her burden on her own?

Brighter than the stars that shine

An eternal flame,this love of mine

This fire will never cease to shine

And I will always love her, this shining jewel of mine


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