– Guess Who Is Back? –

It’s February!

In other words –

It’s Grammy Month!

The best time to get back into the groove and start blogging again.

*wink wink*

If all you lovely people out there missed me –

Guess Who Is Back?

– Peace Out \m/ –


-The Poet’s Note-

Happy Deewali everyone!

I know, I know.

It’s been a year since my last post.

I intend to start writing again.

But after my exams.

So I’ll be back around mid-November.

See ya then ^^

– Peace out \m/ –

-The Poet’s Note-

Hey guys!

I’m back again.

This time with a murder mystery!

Yeah, you read right.

A friend of mine challenged me to write a 700 word story.

Theme – 2 bodies. 1 gun.

And voila!

-I Will Follow You- was born.

Do comment & let me know what you guys think.

Please go easy on me!

It’s my first murder mystery.

– \m/ Peace Out \m/ –

-The Poet’s Note-

Hey guys!

I’m back 🙂

The following poem is one of my favourites.

It was inspired by an article written by a person I knew.

He was a big football fan & Cristiano Ronaldo was his idol.

Hope you enjoy reading this poem.

I wrote it last year.

It’s dedicated to all the footballers & football fans all over the world.


– \m/ Peace Out \m/ –

-The Poet’s Note-

I don’t want to be that kind of a person who people will look back, years later, & say –

‘The Nameless Poet, gosh she was such a pain!’

I really don’t want my effort to go in vain.

So please keep commenting because you really make my day.

Thank you so much but I do know the price one has to pay for fame.

So I will always remain The Nameless Poet & one day, if you are lucky, you will know my name!


This is my 98th post!

2 more for a 100

Just saying 😉

– \m/ Peace Out \m/ –

-The Poet’s Note-

Okay, so I go on vacation in a week.

Already got a request to work on an ‘Inu Yasha’ post from 2 of my anime-freak-friends!

Got an idea in your head that you’d like to suggest?

Let me know & I will try my level best!

– \m/ Peace Out \m/ –